injustice was served | wise may not help at all

evident system is corrupt, possibly always has been so ppl stopped caring

I prepd for Donald Trujmp's rally, not impulsive

when I was there all I did was try to make the event a more memorable experience

Only at opportune times was yell stuff like "GREATEST" "LIVE ... DIE"

out of no where, even though the rather small crowd was not bothered I was asked to leave the

room to verify I had a ticket and I promptly a ticket

I requested to reenter if I were to behave as they wanted me to do

said no and told me to leave.

refused because I felt I did nothing wrong and that I had video to support what had happened

then more people got involved that had nothing to do w/ DT

said they would call police if I didn't

I responded by saying no because I thought they were already nearby and that I could explain

myself as best as a disabled person can

I was recording most of it but I ran out of space

then without a warning not saying anything I was forced outside

three people help me to the ground until police arrived during which I was strangled

when cops came they didn't question people that observed and filmed the situation not collect any footage

brought to station left in cell for 2hrs then changed for two simple assaults for spitting which i never did

and parents drive me back to car, mentioned I didnt take meds that day and that is was a mistake

next morning I was taken to Parkland

again tried explaining myself as best I could but Christen insisted I returned here w/o providing reason or

became upset so they gave me two shots, tied me down, and left me in a room w/o water reviewing packet

sent here Friday talked to team yesterday, they did not review the info, again

changed meds w/o contacting my therapists