In late 2013 a so-called stalker of a viewer/fanboy drove 17 hours at an attempt to move-in to an upcoming streamer's house (now named by many as the posterboy of Twitch) and was allowed in. He stayed for an entire day. When he was asked to leave there was mild resistance. During the time drugs were supposedly 'forced' upon the streamer. After finally leaving, a "package" was left behind containing a joint and a 60mg Vyvanse pill (an extended form of Adderall). Upon returning home the now deemed "The Creature" (from a YT video that now has >865,000 views) streamed on Twitch and obtained ~2k viewers until he was ultimately banned from the Twitch platform.

"This is the truth of of the creature ...            the creature himself."

"... found our address and found out where we live"

"Nick let him in. He looked normal. I mean a little bit socially awkward but that's gamers in general; we didn't mind."

"we went out to Chilis. -- . It was just me, Nick, and him went to Chilis and the next day he ended up sleeping there."

"Apparently the guy drove 17 hours to get to our house"







"We thought he knew, ok, 'this isn't my place I am an uninvited guest I should leave tomorrow morning' -- -- but he didn't leave."



"This kid is starting to get weird though, very awkward - he's a fucking creature - we went out to eat at Outback."


"We heard this kid say ... he started like all these things like "man idk the stream really fucking loves me, maybe I should stay" -- "I was like wtf is this shit."

"Nick leaves now it's just me and Nexius, and this kid. So we're in the place and we're bored so we end up watching a movie, we watch uh Cabin in the Woods

"this kid wants to get high before we watch the movie"



his response was: "No please get high with me, you NEED to. And then he had like ADH  D and he's like take my medication"


"this kid comes out of nowhere fucking whips out emotion starts, tearing up and says he has no idea what w-he's gone through with woman" ...

"I ran upstairs and locked my door and I said fuck this kid"


-- "force" --



"This is when it gets fucked up. This is when shit goes haywire. So at this point Nick tells me that you need to tell that kid to be gone because he doesn't get the message that he doesn't live here. So I go downstairs and I say to him:

"So when are you leaving tomorrow morning?"

"I acted like he already knew I tried to bring it the best that I could. And he said "you want me to leave?" ---

"This kid has already brought his computer into our house, plugged it in, started trying to plug his hard drive into our new computer we just bought. So I said 'yes, you need to leave.' and he's like:

'but but but like you -- you really - you need me like you need something fresh and amazing for the stream and the stream loves me. I  need  to live here.'"

"Yea well I messaged you on Facebook that I was coming over."

"What do you mean?!" ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) - Soda


-- "make sure I don't die" --




. . . . .

"and then he just pulled the retard card and said 'yea but I'm Diamond at League  of Legends'"


"I look at him in the 👀 and said:




"I say fuck this kid. and then, I think he's tearing up and crying or something; I feel bad for the kid." --

"He didn't have autism. He didn't. He looked like a normal dude and everything."




"Goodbye man...

 I left something for you"  (/¯–‿・)/¯ 

"we burned them, oh we burned the fuck out of them. Oh hell no.

And that was the end of the creature.

So if you come to fucking house you're sitting on the porch and you're not coming inside!"

How did you discover his address?

Simple. Someone in posted in chat and I scrolled up and clicked the imgur. I'm unsure if that person was the creator of the image, if it was the first time ever posted, or if he was spreading it, but I no longer have the picture even though I still remember the address. To be clear: I didn't obtain it by going thru /b/. I will reiterate this a number of times -- I was a (relative at the time) long-time viewer of sodapoppin going back to the <500 viewer days. 

Why did you go to Thomas' house in the first place?

Well.... as I just stated in the Q above: I was/(am?) an avid viewer of Thomas Jefferson Morris aka Chance* aka sodapoppin for a considerable while. Before then I was watching other streamers. In short, I saw where streaming was and I had a strong sense as to where it would be going in the years it had to grow. I saw infinite growth and I expected that ~streaming~ and specifically sodapoppin (whom was already leading the pack) would skyrocket beyond the point of success. They could have a job that wasn't work, it was instead life w/ chat. Basically it boiled down to I didn't and still don't want to graduate college and get a job that I knew would ultimately make me unhappy and rotten. I wanted in on this 'train' asap because I simply knew how it would be for upcoming streamers in the future if they had no experience networking and no one to accept them as a "leech".

I was in a position in my life where I had just gotten out of the hospital, had less than $300 (this part still true as of now) to my name, and was soon going to be pretty much forced to go find a dead-end-job or go to a shitty school since the one real opportunity I had I failed out of. So why would I not make the most of what I have in this life and go full blown #YOLO at this point and do something crazy that was still fucking legal to do??? Tell me. Wait, you didn't actually know me then so nvm then. That's why. It was an opportunity to mindfuck someone that was going to become even bigger of a star than he was at that time; his stocks were on an obvious uprise. There you go.

Chances are if I didn't take on Chance, in person, I'd be even worse of a spot in the streaming world than I already am now even if I were to have never been banned from Twitch. I can't explain here but i'd suggest learning about my other storiesprevious relationships, and more on the #TRUTH submenu that have happened beyond said experience. I've grown an incredible amount, imho, since then and I believe if I didn't have as much resistance that I've received up until around now that I wouldn't be as strong-minded nor thick-skinned than I were if I hadn't gone through it all (by myself).

What was soda like when you met him?

Here's my chance, I can rip on soda on my own website to make him appear bad to get back at him for ignoring me and blowing me off all this time. PJSalt. jklolxd. Nah, I won't do that (but I would be lying if I said I never lightly considered it). Soda was chill. I remember him seemingly turn off his stream early to go downstairs to greet me. I sat where Nick usually was and him on the futon. We briefly touched on, if I recall correctly, who I was in his chat (Lodestar92) and he said he didn't remember me exactly but it seemed familiar. I'm not sure if I touched on the fact that I was a "twinklord" of sorts in WoW but I get the feeling I never fully did so. I did without a doubt mention the fact that I was Diamond 1 in LoL. We didn't really talk for long before Nick or another plan came into the picture. Whenever I answer this question I make one thing absolutely clear: we never truly had a one-on-one heart-to-heart conversation that was clear of nerves. I wish we did, but to this day we have not. Overall I think he did a "good job" as an unexpected host although he could have made a further attempt to get to know me a wee-bit better~.

Why did you 'force' him to do drugs?

Didn't you watch the video? After I left he "burned them" which in my mind they shared the joint and snorted the drugs. At least that's what it seemed like to me. Ahha just kidding once again. My guess is that they just threw them away but I honestly don't know what happened to the weed joint and 60mg Vyvanse pill to this day. Tbh, it really bothered me when he used the word 'force' in the situation when I was more so pressuring him in a playful way to join me because I had known he had smoked before and (well look sodapoppin as of recent) thought he wouldn't make a big deal about it ... but he did, ofc. 420 blaze it yo -- I haven't smoked in months btw #whipits

What made you think you could stay and at the same time refuse to leave?

Eh. I was going to leave when asked... I just wanted it to directly come from the person that I drove seventeen hours to see not from the trash girlfriend Nick had that I didn't even know about. I don't believe that was too much to ask for, I really don't. I want to mention that when I was told to "LEAVE" by Thomas that I wanted to go right away without saying some sort of goodbye, but Nick insisted. So I went upstairs said a simple bye (no hug that he said happened) then left.

What do you think of the name he gave you as "The Creature"?

Solid choice.

What have you done do separate yourself from the image you created on the internet when this all happened?

I just went about my life. The hate came from Internet, the real world gave close to 0 fucks. When my legal name change came to be I didn't decide with "creature" as my middle name, so there's that. Do I still respond to the creature or Tyler? Yeah, but that should be obvious as to why.